ММА Ръкавици BadBoy MMA Gloves Pro

35.80 лв.

Технически Харакеристики

  • BadBoy Pro Series – Професионални ММА Ръкавици
  • Висококачествена Изкуствена Кожа
  • Подсилена Издръжливост
  • Пристягаща Лента на Китката за Защита от Наранявания
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Bad Boy have developed a new Training Series range aiming to bring fighters the best quality fighting and training gear at affordable prices.
Designed with the comfort and development of fighters in mind, these open palm gloves are a must have for any serious MMA Fighter.
Made from premium grade synthetic leather cover for durability and protection, the ergonomic design features an open palm, ideal for grappling and striking work.
The pre-curved contoured shape improves fit and therefore increases comfort. The moisture wicking bonded inner liner will help to reduce odour and foam breakdown, making these highly durable gloves which will last you many fights to come.


Телефон за Контакти: 0898849022

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